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Your watchmaker in Blonay for over 40 years.


It was in the early 1960s that Charles Gigandet created his own watchmaking company in Tramelan.

His sons, Jean-Pierre and André, continued his work until the 90s when it ceased its activity. In 1975, Denis Gigandet, grandson of Charles Gigandet, completed his apprenticeship within the family business.

In 1980, he decided to start his own business at home and became a specialist in the repair of all types of clocks, such as regulators, Neuchâteloises, Morbiers or watches. Four years later, he opened his workshop Chez l’Horloger in Blonay, a store that still delights his customers today at Route du Village 7.

Indeed, his loyal clientele regularly underlines his meticulous work and respect of deadlines. In 2019, two years before his retirement, Denis Gigandet decided to entrust the management of his store to his daughter Nathalie Gigandet.

Since then, she has trained alongside him and honed her skills in administration and management, but also in clockwork. In addition, his training as a designer allowed a better visibility of the store.

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