Chez l'Horloger in Blonay

Qualified clock and watchmaker, specialised in every type of antique clock and every brand

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Our Watches

Chez l'Horloger in Blonay offers a selection of pocket watches and bracelets

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Our clocks

Chez l'Horloger has a large selection of clocks from Neuchâtel and Paris

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Your local watchmaker


At L’Horloger à Blonay, we specialize in old clocks of all kinds and all brands, recent or old. We take care of restoring all your clocks and clocks such as regulators, Morbiers, Neuchâteloises as well as all your watches. We are happy to come to your home to take care of your property.

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Denis Gigandet


Nathalie Gigandet

So what does restoration involve?

When l'Horloger talks about restoring your clock or watch, he is not just thinking about cleaning it or oiling the movement. Restoration involves several stages. 

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Chez l'Horloger is located in the heart of the village of Blonayin the canton of Vaud.

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